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Experiencing Community

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs (CPACS) believes that offering individuals with CP and their families a place to experience community is just as important as the cerebral palsy resources we offer. Each family has their own story, but we are here for each other through every struggle and victory.

Our events fall into two main categories: fundraising and community building. Our fundraising events allow us to offer financial assistance to individuals and their families and host more community building events. Community building events are specifically hosted for individuals with special needs, their families, and other organizations in our community. These events are a great way to make friends within the CP community!

Cerebral Palsy Events

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month!

Join us for our Whirlyball Tournament and help us bring awareness to Cerebral Palsy. 

Fundraising Events

Ice Cream Social & Resource Fair

Next Ice Cream Social planned for June 2024. Vendor Registration required. 

Gems of Hope

The gala took place on October 7, 2023, 5:00 – 9:30.  Dinner, Awards program, & Silent Auction were enjoyed

Held at Double Tree 1775 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. COS

The Gems of Hope Awards is CPACS’s biggest fundraiser. Gems of Hope Award-nominees are individuals who have gone above and beyond for the special needs community. We accept community nominations for this award and hold a vote to decide on award recipients.

The Gems of Hope Awards gives us a place to celebrate and recognize these extraordinary individuals. We sell both individual tickets and entire tables to community members and hold a silent auction with donated prize baskets from local businesses. Previously, this event was held bi-yearly, but we plan to make it a yearly event.

Business Partnerships

We also partner with community establishments for our smaller fundraising events. A few times per year, we invite local companies to join us for a Whirlyball tournament. Each company puts together a team, and the team fees help support CPACS.

We love doing these types of events because they bring people together. People who have never met before can share appetizers, play a friendly game, and build relationships while supporting a good cause.

Cerebral Palsy
Community Events

Community building events are focused on inclusion and family support for CP. We have big plans for our event calendar, including hosting a picnic in the park for all of the individuals and their families we serve. Other events that we hold include bowling nights and ice cream socials.

Just recently, we held our inaugural ice cream social! CPACS sponsored the event to make it free for everyone to come enjoy games, face painting, music, swag, and–most importantly–lots of ice cream!

CPACS also has close ties with the Cool C.A.T.S. (Children of All Types Succeeding), the only adaptive cycling team in Colorado for children.

Contact us with questions about upcoming events.

2023 Gems of Hope Gala Winners

Ashley Steinbach

Ashley has lived in Colorado Springs since 2005. After being born and raised in a small South Dakota town, and spending her high school years in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia; Colorado is a great balance. She is most grateful for this state’s open-minded population and acceptance of adaptations. 

Ashley’s daughter Avalee was born in 2006. At 8 months old she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and since that day has received a number of additional diagnoses such as Autism, Epilepsy, unilateral deafness, CMV, etc. 

When Avalee was 10 months old, Ashley found her voice. 

At the 2007 Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform where she told her and Avalee’s story and journey within the broken Medicaid system. From there, Ashley was invited to do articles with the Independent NewsPaper, more public speaking, and her first testimonial at the State Capitol. 

She saw her voice be put to action for the first time!

In 2014 she spoke at the Capitol about Medicaid cuts to CNA hours. After the testimonies that day, within an hour of leaving the Capitol building, an emergency stop was put to the current Pediatric Assessment Tool being used at the time.

She saw the magnitude of her voice that day. 

In 2018 she made another trip to the Capitol on behalf of HB 18-1006 to modernize newborn screening, which had not been updated in over 20 years. 

She saw the need for her voice that day. 

The biggest challenge for Ashley came in 2014, when she had her younger daughter Brielee. Navigating in the “typical” world was much more unfamiliar. However, seeing the natural bond and acceptance her younger daughter has for her older, became the greatest blessing of her life. Through Avalee and Brielee she has learned the incredible strength of diversity. 

How genuine a bond can be. How everything is adaptive, just ask her 9 year old, she will prove it!

Because of her daughters, she finds her voice more every day, understanding the impact and responsibility that she has with it. Being a single mom of 2 girls, she is very mindful of the world and legacy that she is leaving for them. 

With that, she also knows the impact and responsibility she has as a Special Needs parent. To the parents after her, she wants to help make that a positive place for them as well, just as the parents did before her, for her! Ashley participated on School District 49 SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) in 2016, The Cerebral Palsy Association Board of Directors from 2016-2018, and The Arc Pikes Peak Region Board since 2020, and currently serving as President of the Board of Directors, Ashley continues her advocacy and lending her voice to our community.

 She has had the honor of receiving the Don Haney Award from The Arc-PPR in 2022. Ashley was also named Colorado Mother of the Year in 2021, by American Mothers. An 88 year foundation whose philosophy is “the truest tribute that can be paid to Mother is to share with others the love that she so generously and often sacrificially lavished upon us.”

She has learned from her daughter Avalee to adapt, and to find something you CAN do. Something that motivates you, and inspires you. Keep moving forward and breaking down barriers and stereotypes in the process. Not just for your child, but yourself as well. By finding something that Ashley’s daughter was passionate about – social time, riding her adaptive bike, and kittens – Ashley created the Cool C.A.T.S Club.

Children of All Types Succeeding – Beginning in 2017 with 6 kids. Now, with a village of over 500 participants within the Cool C.A.T.S Club’s multiple programs, Ashley realized she wasn’t alone after all. Having a loved one living with a disability is isolating. But having a community that sees you, and sees your family- This is what motivates Ashley. 

Ashley has seen the power of speaking up, and taking control of her family’s futures. Through public speaking at the Capitol and throwing epic Cool C.A.T.S events, Ashley continues to strive for inclusion and having fun in the process! 

Dr. Sean Vostatek

At Simply Kids Dental we do not settle. Ever. For in the pursuit of excellence, there is no finish line! This is the vision that Dr. Sean Vostatek, a board-certified pediatric dentist, and his team live by each day at Simply Kids Dental. Dr. Sean is proud that this commitment to excellence has earned him “Top Dentist,” and best children’s dentist in the “Best of the Springs.” Dr. Sean, however, does not do it alone, and is privileged to have a dedicated team who is largely responsible for the success of Simply Kids Dental. 

Honored by these distinctions, Dr. Sean finds the meaningful relationships with his patients and the opportunity to positively impact young lives the most rewarding experiences of his profession. He has offered his services both locally and abroad. So, whether it’s in Colorado Springs at Kids in Need of Dentistry, partnering with Community Partnership for Child Development (Head Start), Hope and Home Foster Care services, or across the globe in third world countries, such as Vietnam and Africa, he loves the opportunity to give back to children in need. 

Dr. Sean also believes in families! He and his incredible wife have seven beautiful children. Dr. Sean and his family enjoy being actively involved in their church and community and are thankful to call Colorado Springs home. They enjoy year-round outdoor adventures like backpacking, mountain biking, obstacle course racing, and conquering 14ers as a family. 

Prior to founding Simply Kids Dental, Dr. Sean received his degree from Texas A&M University and obtained his dental degree from the University of Texas. After four years serving uninsured children as the dental director of a Community Health Center in the National Health Service Corps, Dr. Sean decided to pursue further training to become a pediatric dentist. Dr. Sean completed his training at a two-year post graduate pediatric residency program at the University of Iowa to provide comprehensive care for all children including those with special needs. 

Always welcoming new patients, Simply Kids Dental is a state-of-the-art marine and jungle themed environment designed specifically for children. From the comical parachuting gorilla in the entry way; to the adrenaline seeking skydiving elephant, there is always something exciting to enjoy at his fun-filled office! Whether it’s the office décor or his incredibly talented team, Dr. Sean will make the dental journey for your child a fun, positive and memorable experience. 

Dr. Sean’s mission is to provide superior pediatric dental care and exceptional customer service. “I believe that when a child leaves our office with a positive experience, it builds their self-confidence that will carry over to other settings in life. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve our community and be involved with the health of your child,” Dr. Sean says. As his motto states, Simply Kids Dental will continues to pursue excellence and a superior patient experience with no finish line in sight!