Financial Aid

YOUR donation dollars go to help support:

   • Purchases of equipment and orthotic appliances.

   • Physical, occupational, speech and horseback riding therapies,
   • Medical expenses and emergency situations.
   • Camperships and recreational activities.

Loan Closet

YOUR donation dollars will go toward maintaining equipment:

   • A program for lending special needs equipment.
Click here to see a sample of available items

Call 719 638-0808 to see what is currently available .


YOUR donation dollars will go toward providing:

   • Family support.

   • Resources and referrals.

   • Awareness programs in public schools.


People with CP have the same goals as people everywhere....
To achieve independence
To receive a good education
To be productive, contributing citizens
To have access to public transportation and buildings
To find satisfying employment
To get the most out of life-physically, mentally and emotionally