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Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs!!
 We are a non profit organization whose purpose is to assist individuals who live with Cerebral Palsy and related Neuro-motor disorders.  Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Neuro Muscular Disorders can depend on the Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs for an array of services. Community awareness and collaboration with other organizations within the community and referrals are a small part of what happens at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs.
The Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs offers many opportunites to our members ~

  • Financial assistance with physical, occupational, speech and other therapies and medical needs.
  • Assistance with purchase of medical, orthotic and therapy equipment. 
  • Provide assistance for campership and recreational activities. 
  • Provide assistance with emergency situations. 
  • Loan adaptive medical equipment and supplies from our lending closet.
  • Assist in educating and awareness to the public on cerebral palsy and neuro-motor disorders. 
  • Provide resources and referals.  
  • Host family support and group activities. 



People with Cerebral Palsy have the same goals as people everywhere. To achieve independence. To receive a good education.  To be productive, contributing citizens.  To have access to public transportation ad buildings. To find satisfying employment. To get the most out of life-physically, mentally and emotionally.  

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